Property Management in Eden Utah

Downtown Eden in Weber County, Utah

The picturesque community of Eden is located in unincorporated Weber County, between the North Fork and the Middle Fork of the Ogden River, in Ogden Valley. The population was only 600 as of the 2010 census, but some sources cite it as approximately 3,500 now. Eden is a quiet, small town with one grocery store, a post office, a few restaurants, a gas station, and magnificent mountain views. The first home was built in the area in 1857, and a community was established in 1859. According to rumor, a government surveyor thought the area was one of the most beautiful he’d seen and suggested the name “Eden” from the Bible. Neighboring communities include Huntsville and Liberty. Year-round outdoor recreation is easily accessible. Pineview Reservoir, just south of Eden, is well-known for fishing, boating, camping, hiking, horseback riding, hunting, picnicking, water sports, and winter sports. Fantastic golfing with breathtaking views is available at Wolf Creek Golf Course, and skiers and snowboards have their pick of resorts. Powder Mountain is especially popular for fantastic night skiing; Wolf Mountain is affordable; and Snowbasin is only a short drive away. Year-round hot air balloon rides are available, and residents and visitors enjoy an annual hot air balloon festivalRed Cliff Ranch, one of Utah’s oldest working ranches, is just northeast of Ogden Valley, and offers horseback riding, hunting, and sleigh rides. Ogden is only twenty minutes away, and offers all the conveniences and benefits of a big city, such as theatres, museums, restaurants, clubs, and more. At West Property Management, we are familiar with, and love, the Eden area. We would be privileged to offer you our professional services, which provide many advantages for homeowners. One of these advantages is our extensive screening process. Problem tenants can become quite costly, not only financially, but also in terms of time and frustration. While no background check can completely eliminate risk, our thorough, detailed process will substantially lower the possibility of future problems. Once the potential tenant completes an application, we verify photo ID and run the following checks: national and state background; sex offender, terrorist, and criminal; credit report, including score and full payment history; collection accounts or judgments filed; and past evictions. We verify income by either contacting the current employer or obtaining copies of tax returns and current bank statements if self-employed. We also confirm rental history and contact previous landlords about payment history, property condition, and nuisance issues. While it is illegal to discriminate on the basis of ethnicity, religion, gender, age, etc., it is absolutely in your best interest to turn down applicants for poor credit or rental history. We always have your best interests in mind, and will do everything in our power to increase your bottom line. We are accredited with the Better Business Bureau. Eden Homes for Rent


Property Management in Farr West Utah

Farr West City Hall

Approximately 6,100 people call Farr West home. Located on the north end of Weber County, Farr West is bordered by Willard to the north, Harrisville and Pleasant View to the east, Marriott-Slaterville to the south, and Plain City to the west. Farr West was settled by Mormon pioneers in 1858, and was largely a farming community. Over the years, the number of farms has decreased, and the city has become more urban. It was incorporated in 1981. The Farr West Recreation Center has a full-size exercise room, basketball gym, volleyball set-up, Zumba classes, and sports programs. Some of the community events include an annual Easter Egg Hunt in April and the Farr West Freedom Festival in the summer, which includes events such as a baby contest, booths, 5K run, two-mile walk, parade, movie night, and more. The Senior Center offers classes and activities such as power walking, quilting, Bingo, a Wii bowling tournament, oil painting, a foot clinic, a monthly birthday party, and game nights. The City of Farr West maintains a Facebook page in an effort to keep residents informed and involved. Smith and Edwards makes its home in Farr West and draws crowds from all over northern Utah. The variety store opened in 1947 when Bert Smith and Lawrence Edwards began selling military surplus equipment out of Smith’s West Ogden backyard.  Today, several of Smith’s sons and grandchildren still work for the business. Smith and Edward’s offers an eclectic mix of goods from military surplus, hard-to-find tools, jewelry, clothing, coats, hunting gear, toys, housewares, camping equipment, emergency preparedness items, and so much more. This 171,000 square foot store also boasts a knowledgeable and experienced staff and is affectionately known as “The Country Boy Store.” A warm, freshwater reservoir at Willard Bay State Park, located 11 minutes north, offers a close location for camping, boating, swimming, waterskiing, and fishing. The Golden Spike Event Center is only five minutes away, with soccer fields, an outdoor stadium, a cross country course, and more. The Weber County Fair is a fun family tradition, and the fairgrounds are just north of the Golden Spike Event Center. West Property Management knows the Farr West area and would love to show you what our services can do for you. We are very competitive with our fees, and our pricing is affordable and owner-friendly. We are highly motivated to find good, long-term tenants because we make money when your property makes money. Our rental fees are significantly less than other companies. We also charge nothing for tenant turnover. We only get paid if a tenant renews. Again, we make money when you make money. Turnover and vacancy can be the biggest expenses for property owners, and while some property management companies profit from turnover and vacancy, we profit from long-term tenants who renew their leases. Why should you hire someone who will profit from your loss? Give us a call, and we will help you increase your bottom line. Farr West Homes for Rent


Property Management in Harrisville Utah

Harrisville City Hall

Harrisville, located in Weber County north of Ogden, has a population of about 5,800 as of 2012. It was settled in 1850 by Urban Stewart, who built the first log house in the area. One night in mid-September, he heard a noise in his corn patch and shot at a moving object. This “object” turned out to be a Shoshone Indian Chief, who died from the wound. The Shoshone people retaliated by killing another white man in the area. After this tragedy, Stewart was forced to leave the county. In 1851, Martin Henderson Harris, for whom the city was later named, built a log home in the area.  Harrisville was incorporated in 1962, and in 1964, when it was made a third-class city, the population was 867. In 1976, the city bought the property that was originally owned by the Martin Harris family and built the Martin Henderson Harris Bicentennial Park and Cabin. Residents can rent this cabin, which has become a popular place for wedding, family reunions, and community gatherings. Over the years it has been remodeled and upgraded to make it more comfortable and functional. To commemorate the 50th anniversary of the incorporation of Harrisville, and to provide a legacy for future generations, the community created a time capsule in 2012. Residents submitted personal and family information and pictures, which were placed in a binder and buried with the capsule, along with an activity scrapbook of the previous 50 years. The Harrisville History Committee, in addition to publishing Harrisville Horizons, a complete history of the area, has compiled a biography collection of Harrisville residents over the age of 80 who spent the majority of their life in the city. The committee has also put together a free pamphlet that provides a self-guided tour of historical sites. Each summer, residents celebrate Heritage Days with a parade, vendor booths, games, activities, entertainment, a midnight 5K run, golf tournament, youth dance, food, and fireworks. The Youth City Council holds an annual Easter Egg Hunt, and each winter the community looks forward to Santa at the Cabin. The Parks and Recreation Department, in addition to offering youth and adult sports, is in the process of installing a disc golf course. The city also offers no-cost community garden plots, and from Memorial Day through Labor Day, kids enjoy the Splash Pad. Harrisville and Marriott – Slaterville join together for a weekly Senior Citizen lunch and activity, as well as free yoga classes and line dancing. At West Property Management, we are familiar with the Harrisville area and would love to offer you our services. Download our owner information packet today and see for yourself all the benefits of hiring a property manager. Upon receiving a signed management agreement, we are able to get most properties into our system within 24 hours. We will work with you on any issues that might limit the potential rental of your property, and if you are changing management companies, we will coordinate all of the specifics for you. We will gather information, notify tenants, collect keys, and begin showing your property. We will even get utilities set up. We work hard to increase your bottom line and help you make the most of your investment. We are accredited with the Better Business Bureau. Harrisville Homes for Rent


Property Management in Hooper Utah

Lifestyle in Hooper, Utah

Hooper is a small, rural community in Weber County. The Weber River flows through the northern part of the city just before it empties into the Great Salt Lake. Formerly known as Muskrat Springs, Hooper was used as a feeding ground for Congressman William H. Hooper, who ran his herd of cattle from Clearfield to the Weber River. In 1854, Hooper built the first house in the area for his herdsmen. The Daughters of the Utah Pioneers have since erected a monument near the original house. Hooper was declared a township in 1996 and incorporated in 2000, with a population of about 4,700. As of the 2012 census, the population was around 7,700. Traditionally, Hooper has been dedicated to agriculture and animals, but like many cities in the area, it has experienced much residential growth. Residents, many of them lifelong, have expressed a desire to maintain the rural atmosphere that has always defined Hooper. A favorite annual event is Tomato Days, held over two days and celebrated with food, fun, entertainment, a parade, farmers market, 5K walk/run, rodeo, and fireworks. Partygoers can also participate in a flag football tournament, baby show, tractor drive competition, Miss Pink Tomato contest, red-neck polo contest, and much more. The community also holds an annual Easter Egg Hunt for kids from 1 – 12 and a Nighttime Hunt for kids ages 13 – 18. The City maintains several facilities and parks for community use and enjoyment, and seniors can attend a weekly luncheon at the Hooper Civic Center. Hill Aerospace Museum is only eleven-minute drive, and Union Station in Ogden and George S. Eccles Dinosaur Park are both less than 25 minutes away. Outdoor recreational opportunities abound in nearby Ogden and Weber canyons, and Antelope Island State Park is only 30 minutes away. For world-class skiing, three resorts are within an hour’s drive. West Property Management knows the Hooper area and knows how to help you make the most out of your investment. Good, clean tenants are drawn to good, clean properties. We advise owners to make sure their homes are clean, inside and out, and ready for someone to move in. Carpets should be professionally cleaned, there should be no unusual odors, all plumbing fixtures should be working properly, and window treatments should be clean and in good, working condition. In addition, appliances should be functioning correctly and the house should be empty of all furniture, personal items, and trash, including storage areas and the attic. Electrical outlets and switches should have cover plates, the heating system should have a new filter, and smoke alarms and light switches should be working. Exterior door locks should work, extra keys should be available. The lawn should be in good condition, and trees should be trimmed away from the property. By making sure your home is in the best possible condition, you are more likely to rent it quickly and save money in vacancy costs. We are accredited with the Better Business Bureau and will do all in our power to help you profit from your investment. Hooper Homes for Rent


Property Management in Huntsville Utah

Huntsville Terrain in Weber County, Utah

Huntsville, a small town in Weber County about 12 miles east of Ogden, has a population of just over 600, as of the 2012 census. It is part of “Ogden Valley,” a community that also includes Eden and Liberty. Of the three, Huntsville is the only incorporated town. Historically, farming and dairying were the main occupations, but today, most residents commute to Ogden or other nearby cities. This beautiful community won Utah’s “Tidy Town” award in 1992. Huntsville was founded in 1860 by Jefferson Hunt, and first incorporated in 1903. L.M. Nelson served as the first mayor, and his home is still standing. Huntsville was dis-incorporated in 1909 because of bankruptcy, but reincorporated as a town in 1924. Utah’s first free public school was founded in Huntsville, and the first school teacher in Utah, Mary Jane Dilworth Hammond, was buried in the Huntsville Cemetery. LDS Church President David O. McKay was raised in Huntsville, and his family home is still a tourist attraction. Another popular site is the Huntsville History Library, which boasts an extensive collection of information and artifacts. The city also offers tours of the first cabin built in Huntsville by Robert F. Aldous in 1861. The Huntsville Veteran’s Monument was designed and placed in the cemetery in 2011 to honor all veterans and show appreciation for their selfless service. Another interesting tourist site is the Abbey of Our Lady of the Holy Trinity, a Trappist monastery, founded in 1947. The Huntsville Town Gazette is a monthly newsletter mailed out to residents to keep them up-to-date on information and happenings. Some of the community activities include an annual Halloween potluck and costume party, as well as the Huntsville Marathon Expo, a popular fall event. The marathon starts in the Monte Cristo area and ends at Huntsville Town Park. In addition to the full marathon, the expo features a half marathon, 10K, 5K, Mayor’s Walk, and a Children’s Fun Run. This three-day event also includes food, games, artisans, and displays. Huntsville’s Fourth of July activities include a melodrama, wake-up call with red lights and sirens, breakfast in the park, races, parade, vendors, games, auction, tournaments, entertainment, and fireworks. Huntsville is close to an abundance of recreational opportunities. Pineview Reservoir, in Ogden Canyon, is a popular place for boating, waterskiing, and fishing, and Snow Basin, Nordic Valley, and Powder Mountain ski resorts are all nearby. An area in Huntsville’s town square is flooded each winter to make an ice rink. Ogden Valley Pathways, an ever expanding system of non-motorized trails and pathways, provides a variety of paved and unpaved trails for walking, jogging, roller-blading, biking, hiking, and horseback riding. West Property Management knows and loves the Huntsville area, and we would love to offer you our services. Because the average owner loses around $250 per week when their property is vacant, we have developed a premium marketing plan. This plan not only helps reduce vacancy time, but it keeps advertising costs low while maximizing marketing efforts. We advertise vacant units on over 15 high-traffic rental sites. Individually, this exposure would be quite costly, but because of our volume we get great rates and pass them on to you. In addition to advertising on the rental sites, the plan includes an online video tour of your property, referral bonuses for current tenants who assist with marketing efforts, and increased exposure to out-of-state prospective tenants. Potential tenants can view videos and submit applications before the current tenant even moves out, which means less vacancy time. With increased exposure, your property is most likely to rent quickly. We are accredited with the Better Business Bureau. Huntsville Homes for Rent


Property Management in Marriott – Slaterville Utah

Marriot-Slaterville in Weber County, Utah

The beautiful, rural city of Marriott – Slaterville  is located in Weber County, just west of Ogden. It was originally two separate areas, Marriott and Slaterville. Marriott was settled in 1849 by Mormon pioneers, and in 1854, it was named after the first permanent settler, John Marriott. The area of Slaterville, named after Mormon Battalion member Richard Slater, was settled in the early 1850s and originally called Mill Creek. Marriot and Slaterville merged and incorporated in 1999. Also in 1999, the House of Representatives designated Marriott – Slaterville as an open space preservation city. As of 2012, the population was around 1,700. The city of Marriott – Slaterville has a Facebook page to help keep the community involved and informed. Some of the fun annual gatherings include an Easter Egg Hunt, a Fourth of July Celebration, a Halloween Festival, and Breakfast with Santa. The city maintains three attractive parks, as wells as various open-space nature reserves. One of the special annual traditions is the community awards at the end of the year. Four different awards are handed out: the Good Neighbor Award, the Elna Lucas Community Culture/History Award, the H. Orvil Holley Youth Leadership Award, and the Darrell Mecham Outstanding Community Service Award. The city teams up with Harrisville for youth recreation programs. Marriott – Slaterville is comprised of a wealth of rich farmland, which creates a quiet, peaceful atmosphere. However, recreation, entertainment, and culture are just a short drive away. Nearby Ogden is home to the Historic 25th Street, the Solomon CenterToad’s Fun Zone, the Ice SheetTreehouse Children’s MuseumDinosaur ParkUnion StationPeery’s Egyptian Theater, and much, much more. For boating, waterskiing, swimming, fishing, and camping, Willard Bay State Park is just a 15-minute drive away. Salt Lake City is less than 40 minutes away, and several world-class ski resorts are also located within a short drive. At West Property Management, we are experienced homeowners and understand the importance of finding good tenants. A problem tenant can be very costly in terms of both time and money, and while no background check can completely eliminate risk, our detailed tenant screening process will substantially lower it. Once a prospective tenant has completed the application and we have verified photo identification, we perform the following checks: national and state background; sex offender, terrorist, and criminal; and credit report with full payment history and credit score. We review any accounts in collections or any judgments filed, check for past evictions, and verify income by either contacting the current employer or procuring copies of tax return and current bank statement if self-employed. We also contact previous landlords about payment history, property conditions, and any nuisance issues. We do everything in our power to ensure your property is rented by good, reliable tenants. A thorough tenant screening is one of the most important things a property management company should provide. We are also accredited with the Better Business Bureau. Marriott – Slaterville Homes for Rent


Property Management in Mountain Green Utah

Mountain Green in Weber County, Utah

Located at the mouth of Weber Canyon, Mountain Green is a scenic bedroom community in unincorporated Morgan County. Though fairly undeveloped, it is growing rapidly. According to an article in the Deseret News, a design team is developing guidelines for a new town center. Because it lacks official boundaries, population estimates for Mountain Green range from 2,300 to 4,000. Grade school children can attend the Mountain Green Elementary School, while middle- and high-school students attend in nearby Morgan. Mountain Green is a great place for people who love living on the outskirts of town. The air is crisp and clean, and away from the city inversion. The homes are beautiful, the views are amazing, and there are plenty of year-round outdoor activities to choose from.  Snowbasin, a world-class ski resort and venue for the Salt Lake 2002 Olympics, is nearby, and offers fun activities all year long. A favorite summer activity is riding the gondola up the mountain and enjoying dinner with a view. To the North of Mountain Green, in Ogden Valley, you will find Pine View Reservoir, Nordic Valley Resort, and Powder Mountain Resort. To the South you will find East Canyon Resort, Round Valley Resort, and Park City Resort. In addition to skiing and snowboarding, you can enjoy hiking, snowmobiling, snow shoeing, horseback riding, cycling, running, rafting, fishing, and hunting. Many people also enjoy tubing down the Weber River. Mountain Green is close to both Ogden and Layton, which allows for plenty of shopping and entertainment options. The community of Mountain Green is close-knit, and even has a Facebook page dedicated to helping residents keep up to date on activities and happenings. Mountain Green is also the national headquarters of the Browning Arms Company. Turning the care and management of your home over to a property manager is a big decision, and one that deserves careful consideration. Much like using a good accountant or a financial planner, a good property manager will protect your investment, provide professional service, reduce your cost, and increase your income. At West Property Management, we are committed to excellence. Our feedback shows that with our services owners worry less and their properties do better. We invite you to take a moment to familiarize yourself with our services, and learn about the benefits of having our company professionally manage your Mountain Green property. We are serious about what we do, and we make an effort to stay educated and updated on landlord / tenant laws and current industry practices. We are also accredited with the Better Business Bureau. Mountain Green Homes for Rent


Property Management in North Ogden Utah

North Ogden City Hall

The City of North Ogden is located in Weber County, about 6 miles from Ogden, at the base of Ben Lomond Peak. As of the 2010 census, the population was 17,357. Originally settled by cattle ranchers in 1850, North Ogden was incorporated in 1934. The city honors its rich heritage by collecting, preserving, and displaying items of historical significance at the North Ogden Historical Museum. The city has also installed brown historical street signs at the beginning and end of historical streets above the current green ones. One of the most anticipated annual community events in North Ogden since 1932 is Cherry Days. Even though cherry orchards no longer line the countryside, the tradition that has always been an important part of the landscape and economy is kept alive through this celebration that includes parades, 5K Fun Run, pie eating contest, car show, baseball games, entertainment, volleyball tournament, rodeo, and fireworks. Other community events include an annual Easter Egg Hunt, a community garden, and a Christmas celebration. In addition, Bicentennial Park becomes the temporary home of a North Pole Express mailbox in December. All letters mailed to Santa receive a response. The North Ogden Parks and Recreation Department maintains beautiful parks and trails, and the North Shore Aquatic Center offers a waterpark, swimming lessons, training, certification, and fitness programs. The city also offers baseball, football, kickball, soccer, races, t-ball, tennis, softball, volleyball, and winter sports. The North View Senior Center offers a variety of programs and social activities for senior citizens over the age of 55. The entire community of North Ogden can keep abreast of events, news, and happenings through the city’s Facebook Page. North Ogden continues to show a commitment to caring for and managing its public trees. The Arbor Day Foundation has designated North Ogden as a “Tree City, USA” for the past six years. The Tree City USA is a national program that provides the framework for community forestry management. Cities achieve this status by meeting core standards, such as maintaining a tree board or department, having a community tree ordinance, spending at least $2 per capita or urban forestry, and celebrating Arbor Day. With the beautiful mountains close by, year-round outdoor activities are always available. A popular trail, accessible from four different trailheads, passes over the summit of Ben Lomond Peak, one of the most famous peaks in the Northern Wasatch Mountains. An interesting side note: The Paramount Pictures logo, known as Majestic Mountain, is rumored to be modeled after Mount Ben Lomond. North Ogden allows for easy access to an abundance of other outdoor activities including mountain biking, climbing, fishing, skiing, snowboarding, and more. Additional shopping and recreational opportunities lie just down the street in Ogden, including the Children’s Treehouse MuseumPeery’s Egyptian Theater and the Newgate Mall. Hiring a professional management company, like West Property Management, will save you money and increase your bottom line. We are experienced homeowners who know the North Ogden area. We are professionally trained members of the National Association of Residential Property Managers (NARPM), a group of real estate professionals with first-hand knowledge of the unique challenges associated with managing residential properties. Members of NARPM adhere to a professional code of ethics. In addition, we are an accredited business with the Better Business Bureau. North Ogden Homes for Rent


Property Management in Ogden Utah

Downtown Ogden Utah

West Property Management proudly provides services for all real property in the Ogden, Utah area. Ogden, the largest city in Weber County and home to almost 83,000 people, sits against the majestic Wasatch Mountains. To the west, the Great Salt Lake and Antelope Island provide beautiful sunset views, and both the Ogden and Weber Rivers flow through the city. Ogden is home to Weber State University, with Brigham Young University, the University of Utah, and Utah State University within a 100-mile radius. In addition, Ogden offers some of the greatest snow on earth. During the 2002 Winter Olympic Games, Ogden hosted several ice and ski events. Three resorts are within 25 minutes from downtown. In addition to amazing skiing and snowboarding, Ogden’s proximity to the outdoors makes it a high-adventure paradise for hiking, biking, climbing, skydiving, and kayaking, among other activities. Ogden also offers plentiful fresh water for sports and recreation, and an abundance of trails and campgrounds. Eleven national parks are within a days’ drive. Downtown Ogden is home to The Junction, which features restaurants and entertainment such as movies, the Children’s Treehouse Museum, bowling, billiards, indoor surfing, an indoor wind tunnel, and a climbing wall. Historic 25th Street offers an exciting nightlife with a comedy club and a variety of boutiques, restaurants, and bars. Other fun venues include Union Station, the George S. Eccles Dinosaur Park, the Ogden Nature CenterPeery’s Egyptian Theater, the Eccles Arts Center, and the Ogden Symphony Ballet. The City of Ogden hosts special events such as Winterfest, the Ogden Paddle Festival, the Mountain Man Rendezvous, a Christmas Village, Juneteenth celebration, the Ogden Arts Festival, the Harvest Moon Festival, and the Xterra Games, an extreme sporting event. Ogden is not just a great place to live and play; it is also a great place to work. Employment is on the rise. Ogden was ranked #10 in the nation for jobs created in 2008. Ogden’s strategic location provides easy access to Interstate 15 and Interstate 84, and the Utah Transit Authority (UTA) provides light rail and bus services. The Ogden-Hinckley Airport is the second largest in Utah, and the Salt Lake International Airport is just a 40-minute drive south. At West Property Management, we know and love Ogden. If you are looking for a great property management company to work with, please give us a call. We can save you money and increase your bottom line. Among other benefits, we offer thorough tenant screening, competitive management fees, proactive market-based pricing, detailed property inspections, aggressive marketing, and a firm rent collection process. We make it our goal for owners to secure long-term tenants and residents who will pay their rent on time, help maintain the properties, and act as good neighbors. We would love to show you what our services can do for you. Ogden Homes for Rent


Property Management in Plain City Utah

City Services Building in Plain City, Utah

Plain City is located in Weber County. The area was incorporated in 1944, and by 2012 had a population of around 5,800. Willard Bay is to the north, and Hooper and West Haven are to the south. Willard, Farr West, and Marriott-Slaterville are to the east, and the Great Salt Lake is to the west. Willard Bay State Park is about 15 minutes away and offers excellent camping, boating, water skiing, and fishing. In the winter, it is a perfect spot to observe nesting eagles. Plain City residents celebrate a rich pioneer history and heritage. The area was established by Mormon pioneers who came from Lehi and Kay’s Creek (Kaysville) in 1859 to find a good settlement area. Initially, settlers built dugouts instead of cabins because they were quick, easy, and required no rocks or timber. They consisted of a dirt floor, roof, fireplace, door, and window. Dancing was a popular form of recreation in the early days of the settlement; if fact, early settlers held their first dance, on a dirt floor, just a few months after the settlement began. Early residents also enjoyed gathering around each other’s hearths and singing, holding candy pulls, and getting together for fruit drying, corn husking, hay picking, quilting bees, and picnics. The old school house became the venue for church fairs, and in the winter people held sleigh-riding parties. In those early days, Plain City had a choir, a brass band, a drama group, and a baseball team. It was mainly a farming and dairy community, with sugar beets being one of the major industries. The Daughters of Utah Pioneers (DUP) runs the Plain City Museum out of a log cabin, built in 1860 by John Carver, part of the original group of settlers. In May of 1926, Plain City began holding Dairy Days, originally called “Black and White Days,” as a fundraiser for the baseball team. They had a cattle exhibit, baseball game, horse racing, and a dance. The annual celebration has continued to this day, although the venue has changed to the Weber County Fairgrounds, and it is now called Weber County Dairy Days. The community looks forward to a fun-filled Fourth of July Celebration each year. In addition to a Junior Queen Contest, 5K Fun Run, and Kids Fun Run, residents enjoy plenty of old-fashioned country rodeo fun with Barrels, Dummy Roping, Goat Tying, Poles, Stick Barrels, Mutton Bustin’, and a Goat Ribbon Pull. Another enjoyable annual event is Founders Day, held in March and celebrated with a Kendama Tournament (Japanese toy), Speed Stack Tournament, Cup Cake Wars, quilt displays, dinner, and a magician show. Plain City recreational opportunities include an equestrian arena, batting cage, and sports teams. At West Property Management, we know the Plain City area, and we know what it takes to make the most of your investment and increase your bottom line. We also understand the importance of preventative maintenance. Regular inspections are crucial to identifying maintenance issues before they get out of hand. We perform a preventative maintenance survey for a nominal fee. We highly recommend this optional service. Tenants are given three days following inspection to repair any damage found, and if they don’t comply, we line up the repair and bill the tenant. Preventative maintenance keeps small problems from turning into big, costly ones. We are experienced homeowners and know what it takes to manage your home. Let us show you what we can do for you and your investment. We are accredited with the Better Business Bureau. Plain City Homes for Rent