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Huntsville Terrain in Weber County, Utah

Huntsville, a small town in Weber County about 12 miles east of Ogden, has a population of just over 600, as of the 2012 census. It is part of “Ogden Valley,” a community that also includes Eden and Liberty. Of the three, Huntsville is the only incorporated town. Historically, farming and dairying were the main occupations, but today, most residents commute to Ogden or other nearby cities. This beautiful community won Utah’s “Tidy Town” award in 1992. Huntsville was founded in 1860 by Jefferson Hunt, and first incorporated in 1903. L.M. Nelson served as the first mayor, and his home is still standing. Huntsville was dis-incorporated in 1909 because of bankruptcy, but reincorporated as a town in 1924. Utah’s first free public school was founded in Huntsville, and the first school teacher in Utah, Mary Jane Dilworth Hammond, was buried in the Huntsville Cemetery. LDS Church President David O. McKay was raised in Huntsville, and his family home is still a tourist attraction. Another popular site is the Huntsville History Library, which boasts an extensive collection of information and artifacts. The city also offers tours of the first cabin built in Huntsville by Robert F. Aldous in 1861. The Huntsville Veteran’s Monument was designed and placed in the cemetery in 2011 to honor all veterans and show appreciation for their selfless service. Another interesting tourist site is the Abbey of Our Lady of the Holy Trinity, a Trappist monastery, founded in 1947. The Huntsville Town Gazette is a monthly newsletter mailed out to residents to keep them up-to-date on information and happenings. Some of the community activities include an annual Halloween potluck and costume party, as well as the Huntsville Marathon Expo, a popular fall event. The marathon starts in the Monte Cristo area and ends at Huntsville Town Park. In addition to the full marathon, the expo features a half marathon, 10K, 5K, Mayor’s Walk, and a Children’s Fun Run. This three-day event also includes food, games, artisans, and displays. Huntsville’s Fourth of July activities include a melodrama, wake-up call with red lights and sirens, breakfast in the park, races, parade, vendors, games, auction, tournaments, entertainment, and fireworks. Huntsville is close to an abundance of recreational opportunities. Pineview Reservoir, in Ogden Canyon, is a popular place for boating, waterskiing, and fishing, and Snow Basin, Nordic Valley, and Powder Mountain ski resorts are all nearby. An area in Huntsville’s town square is flooded each winter to make an ice rink. Ogden Valley Pathways, an ever expanding system of non-motorized trails and pathways, provides a variety of paved and unpaved trails for walking, jogging, roller-blading, biking, hiking, and horseback riding. West Property Management knows and loves the Huntsville area, and we would love to offer you our services. Because the average owner loses around $250 per week when their property is vacant, we have developed a premium marketing plan. This plan not only helps reduce vacancy time, but it keeps advertising costs low while maximizing marketing efforts. We advertise vacant units on over 15 high-traffic rental sites. Individually, this exposure would be quite costly, but because of our volume we get great rates and pass them on to you. In addition to advertising on the rental sites, the plan includes an online video tour of your property, referral bonuses for current tenants who assist with marketing efforts, and increased exposure to out-of-state prospective tenants. Potential tenants can view videos and submit applications before the current tenant even moves out, which means less vacancy time. With increased exposure, your property is most likely to rent quickly. We are accredited with the Better Business Bureau. Huntsville Homes for Rent