“What drew us to West was the price structure, the simplicity & straightforwardness apparent on your site. I wanted to give it a few months to see how you guys actually operate and I have to say, I have been thoroughly impressed so far. 

– There was never a fee we didn’t understand or anticipate
– The process was simple
– you got good renters in very fast

All in a few courteous & efficient phone calls Your website is very well executed & helpful Overall everything seems very much under control, starting from a tough situation with a bad housing market & a job on the other side of the country. Our situation is far from ideal but the stress relief your company provides is huge to us.”

“We’ve been out of state and self managing for yrs. It was easy at first but we ended up getting a hard tenant. Hiring West Property Management was the best thing we did! They have friendly staff and always respond quickly. The best part is, We got our life back. No more texts in the middle of the night to deal with! Thank you WPM team.”

We turned to West Property Management to handle oversight of a higher end home in Bountiful where we had raised our family and had strong roots. We had some reservations whether this was the right choice having heard all the worst stories when renting out a home. 

We can say that after two years of managing our home, we couldn’t been more satisfied. The professionalism, level of communication and care that the West Property Management team demonstrated while handling our home was FANTASTIC! 

It started from the beginning and ended today with the same high level, high service effort. I’ll always be grateful to the WPM team for taking such good care of our family. 

You guys are GREAT!!

We have very much enjoyed our experience with West Property Management.  The website is very user friendly and access to all pertinent information is easy to find. Anytime we had to talk to Jim or Catherine about anything that came up, they were very personable, professional and immediately addressed our questions and concerns.  This was such a comfort as we live out of state.  They did a fantastic job with the video walk through and all aspects of marketing our property for rent.  We highly recommend them as property managers for your rental property.

We’ve only been with WPM for 7 months but have appreciated Jim and his crew’s professionalism, sense of urgency, and no-nonsense approach to serving the property owner and tenants needs. Tenants are pleased, we’re happy, and all are looking forward to a long-standing relationship (tenants just extended their lease-early!) with this wonderful company.

West Property Management has been helping us to manage our rental property for the last two years. They are great in communicating issues and providing solutions. They also have robust systems in place to handle advertisement, rent collection, home repairing/cleaning, and financial statements. Expectations are well managed so tenants understand the rules as well as their rights. Overall West Property Management provide great rental services to both owners and tenants.

We absolutely love this Property Management Company. They are very professional and also very informative about upcoming inspections and events pertaining to the home. Never once invaded our privacy. Being in property management myself, I know that is a big concern for renters. If you are looking for a beautiful home in a great neighborhood, West Properties is where you will find it.

I’ve worked with West Property Management for a hand full of years now.  I appreciate knowing that home owners that I refer for property management are going to have an amazing experience.  I love that West Property Management does all the work to screen and find the best tenant for the property.  It’s a huge plus that their website lists their available inventory and a  prospective tenant can begin their application paperwork online so the process is streamlined.  Whether you’re a home owner or investor with properties to rent or you’re seeking a quality rental for you or your family, you can trust West Property Management to help provide solutions.

We had a great experience working with this company to find our new home. Quick and easy application process. Very courteous and professional in the office as well. We love our new place and highly recommended checking out West Property Management.

I found myself in urgent need of a property management company last year after I learned I would be relocating out of Utah for work. I was extremely nervous to enter into the world of rental properties as I know the risks involved in opening up your home to tenants. I spent time researching and talking to several property management companies, most of which treated me like an annoyance rather than a potential client. No one was more supportive, responsive and respectful than Jim. He did not pressure me into working with them and even took the time to talk through all of my options with me. I was sold and signed up with West Property Management. 


I have not been disappointed. They found a great tenant right away, minimizing the hit to my wallet during my cross state move, and I have not had to worry about anything since! Recently, I had a question about the HOA and utilities charges, and Jim responded nearly immediately to take care of my issue. This whole process could have been a nightmare, but with Jim and team’s support, it has been a breeze!

West Property Management has turned all of my properties into investments rather than part time jobs.  They specialize in finding great renters and then make sure the tenants keep the home in great shape.  Any issue that comes up is handled immediately with no headache for me.  I have been using them for years now and I plan on continuing as long as I have properties.

As a property owner, I do not have time to manage the properties correctly. As such, I rely on the experience of West Property Management. They advocate for both the property owner and renters.

Working with Jim at West property management has been a great experience. He manages 12 units that I own and I’ve never encountered any problems not getting them rented out quickly or dealing with issues. I would highly recommend West property management  for anyone looking for a great property manager.

Based on the many negative reviews of west property management we were hesitant to rent from them, but decided to anyways and form our own opinion. We are so glad we did, our experience has been nothing but positive! Wpm has been responsive to all of our inquiries (which were many) and made our move in so seamless and smooth. Their expectations from renters are clear which helped to avoid miscommunication.

West Property Management was awesome in setting up everything for us and keeping us informed going forward with signing our lease. Even though we were 5th in line for the townhome we wanted, they didn’t hesitate to call us when we had moved up. They were patient and never rude or bothersome. The video walk through was especially helpful as well for allowing us to see the house without having to physically drive up to look at it.

Jim West does a fantastic job.  He knows the business.  He knows how to provide great customer service to both the tenant and the property owner.  I dropped my first property manager after having several problems that they said could not be fixed.  Jim willingly took on the job and I couldn’t be happier with the results.  This company will definitely work hard for you!

Jim at West Property Management has a great background for this industry. He has building experience, mortgage, and real estate investing. Hiring someone with an owner mentality is key as an investor, and Jim has the owner mentality. I have worked with him on many deals and properties and have been very pleased.

I’m with B Miller landscaping and Perfection Pest Control. I’ve been working with west property management as a preferred vendor for over a couple of year now. For the most part  they call me when they are taking on a new property that hasn’t had the TLC that it needed. We have over a dozen guys on our crews and are able to get right on the projects and fix the problems in just a few days. In fact,  West took on a home for an investor that was previously managed by another property management company in Layton. They let the weeds get out of control, grass almost dead, sprinklers heads  broken, and a faulty control/timer box. With West we had it under control and green in record time, the labor portion was done withing 2 days, and after giving the lawn the right nutrients we brought it back to green in just under 2 weeks!  

“We always try to go with local companies that keep things real (no tricks, simple, local, etc.) but it is often just not possible. Dealing with West PM is very refreshing in that regard. So that’s it, I just wanted to tell you thank you so much for the good work, being so refreshing to deal with and stress relief. Happy new year & thank you again for everything. I’m looking forward to the coming years as a customer.”
-Ben S.

 “Clint has been great to work with as my property manager. His professionalism along with his entire staff at West Property Management is superior. As a property owner there is nothing better than having the peace of mind that my property in being taken cared of. If you are a property owner who is looking for peace of mind and less stress in your life you must call West Property Management.”
-E. Rivera

We have been renting for over a year now in our home  and our landlord just decided a couple months ago to put our house through West Property Management. They are professional in when they come and talk to us or over the phone. They respond so fast to when we need things fix and they do a great job to get it fixed. They also make it real easy to get in contact in case of a fix or also make it real easy to pay rent through their tenant portal online so we do not have to run to the bank or write up a check. This has been great so far and has changed our renting experience for the better. They are awesome!!

We just moved into one of the properties that they manage. The house was super clean and freshly painted. They were super professional, nice, respectful and just all around great to work with. Hands down one of the best companies we have rented from.

We rented a home from West Property Management for approximately two years.  During that time, we enjoyed working with the employees at WPM, specifically Jim.  He was always friendly and quick to address the needs that we had.  For some reason our refrigerator was having issues with the ice maker.  We used the customer portal and sent a notice of the problem.  West Property Management was quick to respond and sent an appliance specialist that took care of the problem.

We always paid on time and didn’t have any additional or hidden fees.  When we moved out, we made sure to follow the instructions in the lease agreement and we received our deposit very quickly.  The two years we rented the home from WPM was a positive experience and we definitely consider Jim a friend.

Great quality units. They have the highest quality of care for your property- which means if you’re renting it, you know it was cleaned well for you, and you’re not going to have any problems with the property, or the agency renting it to you!

West Property Management goes above and beyond to take care of rental properties. Their routine inspections ensure properties are being taken care of.

Jim and team did a great job explaining exactly what I needed to do to get my deposit back.  It would have been a lot of money to leave on the table because I didn’t clean the fridge out, or replace the drip pans in my stove.  I’m glad I followed their instructions.  Great experience.

If you are looking for a Property Management company I highly recommended West Property Management.  The office staff is Amazing especially Catherine (Cat).  She is so helpful she goes out of her way to make sure my questions are answered and to let me know if anything needed to be fixed.  The hardest part about being overseas is not knowing if your house is being taken care of.  As soon as I met Jim and Cat I knew I would be taken care of and I was.  The contract and background check they have in place ensures that they have quality people renting our homes.  The next three years in Germany were a breeze I didn’t worry about anything.  They had monthly inspections to make sure my home was being taken care of.  If something needed to be fixed they let me know so I could research and make a decision on what I wanted to buy to replace the item.  They get to know who you are and treat you as family.  I recommend there company to anyone I know that is going overseas or who might be going into the rental business.  So Bless to have them in my life.  If I ever needed someone to watch out for my investments in the future it would be Jim the owner and Cat my favorite office Manager.  Thank you Jim and Cat for taking such good care of me and my home.

Love West Property Management.  I strongly recommend Jim and his team !

Working with Jim has been a fantastic experience.  He is very quick to reply to any questions you may have.  He treats you like you are his only client, even though he is a very busy man!  He pays close attention to detail, he is honest and passionate about what he does and  is very efficient.  We live out of state and found ourselves in a not so pleasant relationship with our former management company and then I found Jim.  He helped us through our situation and removed a lot of unwanted stress.  He had our house rented in a matter of days after taking over the management contract.  I am very happy with Jim and his team at West Property Management.  I know that my house is in good hands there and I do not have to worry day to day anymore.  Thank you for all of your hard work.

Everyone I’ve dealt with here has been very helpful. I needed a place to move in quick and they were able to speed up the process for me. I also enjoyed the video tour on the website. It’s gave me a clear idea of what the apartment was going to look like.

I would give 10 stars if I could!!! I found West Property Management online while still in NY, looking to relocate to Utah! You figured doing a whole move, renting, getting help while in another state would be hard, right? Omg!!! Catherine has been such a great help, answering my questions, 100 emails and calls! In less than a week I had a home, documents, my tenant online portal was up and running, and I wasn’t even in Utah yet!!!! Super professional, fast and friendly! I absolutely recommend and good luck finding your home!!! And my personal thank you to Catherine for all she’s done for my family! I’m so happy!!!!!

I was tranferred out of Utah in 2010 in the heart of the housing crash.  After dealing with trying to manage our rental ourselves, then dealing with a sub-par property manager for a couple years, we finally found West Property Management.  Jim and his team have been taking care of our house for 3 years, and have made our lives so much easier.  What used to be a regular source of stress, has become an effortless source of income.  Jim always has our interest in mind, and communicates every issue in a clear, thoughtful manner.  His team is very responsive to both us as owners, and to the tenant’s needs.  5 Stars!

Jim and Kevin are awesome!  They have been in the business for a long time and they truly know what they are doing.  Always super friendly and professional.

West Property Management has been amazing to work with, they have always kept me in the know of how my property is doing and consistent pay each month. They have handled bad tenants smoothly and placed amazing tenants in the home and kept owning a rental stress free! I highly recommend them!

Wonderful property managers who really look out for both owners and renters best interests.  Would highly recommend!

These guys are on point.  After staying way too long with another local property manager, I moved over to West.  I’m kicking myself for not doing it much earlier.  It would have saved me money and hassle.  

Specifically, communication and accountability have been where West has excelled.  I know what’s going on with my property and I know where my money is going.

I ended up selling the property and that process, exiting my relationship with West, was also drama-free.


Thank you, my only regret is that I didn’t have you managing the property  over the last several years rather than just the last 18 months. I will always give you the highest recommendation should anyone ask. In fact, I did so today in talking to a young man who is interested in getting into rental property as an investment. He isn’t ready to jump in yet but when he is he will likely ask for your name.

I rented my town home through them for two years and never had a single problem with them. I cdfonktelg would recommend them to anyone looking for a property manager in Davis County.

My experience with WPM has been professional…  The office and staff have been attentive,  kind and organized.

“I am pleased that you rented the apartment so fast!!! It makes us feel great about our decision.”
-Tucker M.

“My wife and I were very pleased to read about the “coats for kids” program.  What a tremendous undertaking for your company to make.  We would like to participate in the program by purchasing the next coat required for donation.  Please let us know the cost and we will send you a check or you can deduct it directly from our receipts, whichever you prefer.”

“Thanks!  Your team does an amazing job on communication.”
-J & G Partners

They did an awesome job helping us get into our new home! 

Were coming from out of state and the video review of the house was very in depth and we knew we wanted the house. The whole process was smooth and Catherine answered all of our questions in a timely manner! 

Definitely recommend this company if you’re looking for a new place to call home!

Jim and his team managed my townhome for the last 5 years. They quickly found me a great tenant and took great care by doing routine inspections and maintenance on a regular basis. I didn’t originally plan on renting out my house but my situation forced my hand and I couldn’t have done it alone. It is well worth the investment to have Jim on your side doing all of the leg work and preparing your tax documents at the end of the year. Highly recommended all around

I’ve worked with Jim at West Property Management since November 2018.  He was so great in helping me get my investment property ready to rent out, he found a tenant very quickly, and has always been quick to respond to any questions I might have.  I searched for quite a while to find a good property management company, and am very lucky to have found the best one out there!!!  I recommend them 1000%.

Had a great 7 year run with West Property Management taking care of our rental property. We decided to sell otherwise we’d still be working with Jim and his team. We own properties in other states and don’t get the same level of service from our other property management companies. Thanks Jim!

I have really enjoyed working with West Property Management. The staff are unbelievable, they really care about the tenants and the properties that they are responsible for! They really strive for a good balance between tenants and owners and try to always do the right thing, not just the cheapest or easiest.

But I’m really surprised at the quality of the tenants I have met. Working in maintenance and repair,  I just assumed that I would be dealing with a lot of angry people. But that is the exact opposite of the truth. I have never met so many good people in my life as when I started working with this company. 

I don’t know how WPM does it, but they seem to have a real knack for finding nice people, both tenants and owners. If you are lucky enough to work with this company,  the chances are pretty good that you are somebody I would like to know just based on West’s track record.

They are the best property managers we have ever had! They are prompt, fast responding, upfront, attentive, kind and simply amazing! We love working with this company and Catherine is seriously the best! Highly recommend!!

We rented from them for 3 years and never had an issue.  They were always fast to fix anything that went wrong with the house. They always returned our phone calls in a timely manner. Their portal system is very easy to use when making the rent payment. The best part was the quality of the house and the low payment compared to what was on the market! I highly recommend west property management!

Although we haven’t been tenants in their property long, we have been absolutely impressed with their professionalism and responsiveness! We have had the worst experience in moving out and trying to get our deposit back from our previous property management company! Dealing with West Property Management has been a breath of fresh air! I’m not sure that gets said about property managers often, in this case though…..Truth!!!!

I used West Property Management to manage a rental over the last few years and really appreciate them for making this process easy! Upon finally deciding to get rid of this property, it looked great and was in great repair after 7 years of a large family living there –  they put in extra effort, no doubt thanks to the property management. I have used other property managers and will say, I prefer West’s fee structure and communications. Thanks!

I am within a week of deploying (military) and just hired Jim and Kevin the past couple of weeks to manage my property for a year.  This was in the middle of tenants leaving and new ones coming in.  They were extremely responsive and the needed work was done in such a timely manner during a narrow window.  The attention to detail during the inspections, repairs/maintenance, and communication makes me feel very confident in their ability to manage my property, especially while geographically separated from Utah.  What I’ve seen so far, would definitely recommend this company.

We had a wonderful experience renting through this company.  Everything was smooth sailing from the beginning all the way through the end.  We read some bad reviews after we had signed which scared us a little….but we never came across any of those problems at all.  Kevin was very nice to work with.  He would always return our calls and emails and was always very polite to us.  Catherine was also good to work with and she would always answer our questions if we emailed her.  The house we rented was very nice.  We never had any major problems with the house and if we did have a small issue then it was taken care of in a timely manner.  No complaints here at all!!!…and we would recommend you to rent from them =)

I’ve had a great experience. The online portal makes maintenance requests so easy! Catherine confirmed everything was scheduled and was very helpful. It was all wrapped up in 24 hours. I’ll definitely recommend West Property Management to my friends.

As a renter, this company made finding and moving into a home such an easy and smooth transition. They maintain a very high standard. Home was very clean, all appliances worked, landscaping had been taken care of.  Whether you’re looking to rent or find someone to manage your home, I would highly reccomend Jim and Kevin of West Property Manegment!

West Property Management has been very thorough and detailed with managing my home in Ogden.  I hired them because I am out of state and they keep me informed of repairs and any issue that comes up.  There systems that they have in place really took the stress out  of the equation and made me feel like owning an investment home was a manageable risk.  They are helping me manage another rental too!  

Sharon C. 

I have been working with West Property Management for several years now as one of their preferred vendors. To be a part of their preferred vendor list is no easy feat, and to make a long story short, you have to be one of the best and offer a whole lot more than just competitive pricing! A couple of things that drew me to West Property Management is their honesty, loyalty, and the way they put their clients’ needs first; no matter the situation. West Property Management definitely gets my approval!

Jim West was wonderful to work with.  We didn’t end up renting his property, through no fault of his own.  The experience with Jim was very positive and I would recommend West Property Management to anyone.

I am serving in the military and I was stationed overseas while my wife still lived in our home in Utah.  My next assignment was another overseas location but this time my wife and family got to join me. I wasn’t looking to sell our house and need a propelty manager.  

I found Jim’s company searching the internet.  I specifically wanted to avoid the large scale property management companies as there is no personal service when dealing with them.  I was able to setup, sign, and seal a deal with Jim without ever personally meeting him.  My wife had met Jim on a few occasion when he came by to film the video tour and take pictures of the house. 

Jim was able to secure renters before we even moved out!  Jim is excellent about returning phone calls and e-mails, and always goes above and beyond when it comes to dealing with any any issues or questions I may have.  

I will continue to use West Property Management for renting/managing my house in Utah.