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Sunset City Offices

Sunset is a small residential city in Davis County with a population of over 5,000 people as of 2012. Sunset is south of Roy, west of Hill Air Force Base, north of Clearfield, and east of Clinton. Salt Lake City is only a 32-minute drive south, and Ogden is 11 minutes north. The beautiful Wasatch Mountains offer gorgeous views to the east, while the Great Salt Lake provides equally amazing sunsets to the west. Mormon pioneers originally used the area that is now Sunset and Clinton as a winter feeding ground. The first permanent settlement was built in the 1800s by James Hill and his family. It was called Summit until around 1896, when it became known as Clinton. Around 1916, a few residents were enjoying a sunset over the lake and spontaneously decided to name their area “Sunset.” This particular area eventually separated from Clinton into its own community, and was incorporated in 1935. The City of Sunset’s vision is a community where people feel important and respected, and neighborhoods are stable, safe, healthy, caring, and friendly. The city has a cooperative agreement with Clinton City Recreation to provide opportunities for sports, classes, and activities.  The North Davis Senior Center in Clearfield serves Sunset residents and offers weekday lunches, health screenings, and an assortment of classes and activities, such as lapidary, soap making, art, quilting, pinochle, and line dancing. The center is equipped with pool tables, video games, computers, exercise equipment, and a library. The community sponsors enjoyable annual events, including an Easter Egg Hunt in the spring and Sunset City Fun Days in July, a celebration that includes a carnival, parade, races, activities, entertainment, and fireworks. Another popular event is “Sunset Sam’s Winter Fest.” For twenty years, Sunset celebrated Groundhog Day with “Sam,” the guinea pig, who would predict either an early spring or a long winter. A grieving couple who had lost a child started the tradition in 1994, and the city eventually took over and turned it into a winter festival with an assortment of games and activities. Different guineas pigs have filled the role of “Sam” over the years, but after the latest Sam died in 2014, the city decided to eliminate the prediction part of the celebration. In an effort to keep history alive, however, the festival will continue to be called “Sunset Sam’s Winter Fest.” In addition to community events, Sunset residents have easy access to nearby recreation at Roy Aquatic Center and Hill Aerospace Museum, as well as great shopping at Layton Hills Mall. We are familiar with the Sunset area and would love to provide you with our professional services. West Property Management is very competitive when it comes to fees. Our pricing is affordable and owner-friendly. We make money when your property makes money; therefore, we are motivated to find good, long-term tenants. If a tenant moves out, you pay nothing for us to re-rent the property. We only get paid when the tenant renews. Turnover and vacancy can be very expensive for property owners, and while some management companies profit from these two unfortunate situations, we profit from long-term tenants who renew their leases. Again, we make money when your property makes money. Why hire someone who will profit from your loss? Sunset Homes for Rent